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When the AMO assistant is awakened, the indicator light will stay on for 15 seconds, during which you can directly give commands. The wake-up keyword is 'Hey, AMO', followed by the command.
Here are some examples:
(1) Wake up and activate the daylight scene by saying, '
Hey, AMO, daylight scene'
(2) To change the wake-up keyword to '
Hey, Sunshine', for example, while in the wake-up state, say:'Learning-Keyword-Hey, Sunshine.'
(3) To change the scene command, for example, rename '
Scene 1' as 'Good Morning', while in the wake-up state, say: 'Learning Scene 1, -Good Morning.'


  • Upon successfully receiving the command, the AMO assistant's indicator light will flash twice as confirmation.

  • When the command modification is successful, the indicator light will flash three times.

  • However, if the modification command is not executed successfully, the indicator light will flash five times.

  • If no command is received within 15 seconds, the indicator light will 'turn off.'

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