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AMO Smart Lighting 

Let's explore a convenient wireless smart lighting system together, Switch the environmental atmosphere at one click - daylight mode, theater mode, reading mode, out-off home mode. Create your exclusive home theater at an affordable price, and enjoy your new lifestyle with AMO Smart Lighting System.

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Central control

Switching of whole  space lighting scene at one click. 

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Time-based scene

Wifi-free for scheduled to switch between different lighting scenes

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Dimming / Tunable

From 0-100% dimming and 2700-5700K color tuning

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Curtain control

Control your curtain by AMO

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Smart panel

Press the button and change the lighting scenes immediately

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Bluetooth wireless sytetem

No extra wiring and set-up, save construction time and wiring cost

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​ 3-year Guarentee

Longest warranty time in smart lighting industry,offers lifelong service

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AMO assistant

Give voice command to AMO assistant ,make your life even easier.


Professional lighting plan and design

Change your lighting scenes according to your occasion.

Imagine during the weekdays, you wake up in the morning and say "Good Morning" to AMO assistant, the lighting gradually brightens to daylight cool white, simulating the sunlight effect. Three minutes later, the curtain will open automatically. Embrace your one new day like this, how do you like it?
And, when you come home from work in the evening, you will be welcomed by comfortable and cozy warm white lighting. After dinner, the families watch a  movie in the living room. Simply say "Theater Mode" and the curtains in the living room will automatically close, most of the lights will turn off, and the side tables and ambient lights will adjust to 2700K and maintain the lowest brightness for some demands, creating a personalized home theater experience.


Bluetooth wireless control

Integrate smart lighting and curtains with the latest Bluetooth technology.

AMO Smart Lighting system uses Bluetooth modules, which can adjust the brightness and color temperature, as long as the lighting scenes by wireless control, without additional signal wiring, saving lots of time and cost. In addition, the user interface of AMO smart lighting is intuitive and user-friendly. You can freely change the settings according to your mood, and the re-arrangement of furniture/decorations without making an appointment with the engineer for setting up for you. Of course, if you need professional services, you are very welcome to contact us anytime.

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You don't need to hold your phone and turn on an app to control your smart lighting devices. AMO offers intelligent settings while still maintaining traditional lighting habits, allowing you to effortlessly switch to a smart lighting system and experience the most comfortable lighting space, creating the best living experience.

Scenes switch

Change scenes at one click, experience superior lighting phenomenons.

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Intuitive user interface

Make Your Own Life Style.

Enjoy the infinite possibilities of lighting. Personalize your lighting scenes according to the demands or indivudaul preferences. 


Circadian lighting​

Combining lighting and technology to adjust and improve the disrupted circadian rhythm.

AMO covers 2700K-5700K color temperature. By imitating the color temperature of sunlight and sunset, Users can set personalized scenes according to preferences or application requirements.

Provide professional lighting solution

Lighting simulation and design, Bring your vision to Life.

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