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Q1 How long is the product warranty?

Lighting products enjoy a three-year warranty and provide life-long service.

Q2 Is there any maintenance fee for after-sales service?

The product provides a three-year warranty, and online service and technical support can be provided free of charge after the warranty expires. If an engineer is required to provide services on site, service fees will be charged according to the situations.

Q3 Can anyone connect to AMO APP ?

Yes! As long as you have AMO's exclusive password, you can connect to the product. In order to protect information security, no one without a password can obtain product information to prevent accidental control by others.

Q4 Do I need to apply for another APP account?

After the product is installed correctly, the APP will be opened for instant connection through Bluetooth transmission.

Q5 What should I do if I forget AMO APP password?

Don't worry, please contact us.

After AMO is installed and set, the data will be backed up to restore the settings, and you can use another mobile phone or tablet to recall.

Q6 Do I need to pay for the APP?

No, it is totally free downloading from  App Store.

Q7 Can I put AMO product after the most of interior construction is finish?

Yes! since the wiring method is the same. So you can always change your lamps to AMO products.

Q8 Is it complicated to install AMO luminaires?

No, Just follow the traditional wiring method, the installation of lamps is the same as ordinary lamps. In addition, there is no need for additional wiring and signal cables.

Q9 Is it complicated to install the scene panel on the wall?

No, AMO smart lighting adopts Bluetooth communication technology. The installation requires a European-standard universal pre-embedded box. According to the traditional wiring construction method, it is necessary to configure an N-direction power cable or a set of socket power cables to be pulled to the scene panel installation position.

Q10 What is the difference between scene panel and general wall control?

Scene panel can be controlled with one button to achieve a suitable lighting environment, brightness and color temperature changes, combined with the arbitrary settings of the APP, breaking On and Off of general wall controls.

Q11 Is it possible to switch back to traditional lighting in the future?

Yes, when installing the AMO smart lightingting system, the traditional wiring construction method was adopted, and the original configuration of the wires was not changed.So, you can change to another lamp.

Q12 What is the limitation for AMO?

No limitation for network quantity ; 200pcs devices  ,16 rooms , 256scenes  in 1 network;  20 time-based schedule in 1 room.

Q13 How many room AMO can create?

AMO allows 16 rooms in one network.

Q14 How many luminaires we can control at one time?

Amo can control up to 200 devices( including wall switch,controller) in one network.

Q15 How many scenes AMO can create?

AMO allows 256s scenes in one network.

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