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Light enters the retina from the outside

​Nerve signals are sent to the supraoptic nucleus in the brain


Inform the pineal gland to suppress the "sleep hormone" melatonin


Melatonin decline causes sleep to end and the body to wake up

How does light stimulation affect secretion of melatonin ?

Through the perception of the periodicity of sunlight, the brain makes the rhythm of the human body conform to the 24 hours of the earth's rotation. Therefore, how to create a healthy lighting environment and provide reasonable and comfortable circadian lighting becomes very important. During the day, it provides a color temperature like morning sunlight, 4500-6000 can stimulate the brain to suppress melatonin, and achieve a focused and spiritual lighting environment. Provide a warm and gentle color temperature such as 4000K in the afternoon, and provide sufficient lighting brightness. In the evening, the human sleep and wake cycle is controlled by the biological clock in the body. Biological clocks are stimulated by light to initiate or reset the human circadian system. The activation of the human circadian rhythm system will affect human physiological functions, learning, memory and emotions. Lighting, whether natural or artificial, affects the body's rhythmic responses, controlling our sleep and wake cycles. 


AMO smart wireless systems are not only suitable for residential spaces, but also commercial spaces that need the flexible functions of smart lighting. Take the following restaurant as an example:

\1. Lunchtime: When serving business lunches, switch to the AMO 4000K high-brightness light environment, which can keep the spirit and activity of the dining guests.
2. Dinner time: The scene can be switched to a 3000K warm white light environment with lower brightness, providing diners with a comfortable and relaxed dining atmosphere. After 10 o'clock, the restaurant becomes a bar. At this time, the color temperature can be lowered to 2700K and maintain the minimum brightness. Combined with RGB light strips to create a fancy bar environment, providing an interesting and varied space experience. 


Lunch time

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